HTTP Status Codes

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HTTP Methods

By Error Admin in HTTP Methods, HTTP Verbs

HTTP Methods: The HTTP defines a set of request methods that indicate desired actions to be performed for a given resource. Even if they are nouns, the request methods are commonly called HTTP verbs. These HTTP verbs are case sensitive and must be used in uppercase. Each and every HTTP Methods establishes different meaning, but some common features are shared by a...

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HTTP 400 Bad Request

By Error Admin in 4xx Client Error Code, HTTP Status Codes

The HTTP 400 Bad Request means that the server cannot or will not process the client request. This is due to some problem that has appeared with the client server. The client should not repeat the request without modifying or correcting the issue. Reasons for HTTP 400 Bad Request There are few reasons for the HTTP 400 Status Code to appear. They are, Malformed...

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HTTP 504 Gateway Timeout

By Error Admin in 5xx Server Error Code, HTTP Status Codes

The HTTP 504 Gateway Timeout means that the server did not receive a timely response from the server it was accessing to load the web page request by the user. The server while acting as a gateway or proxy, the upstream server failed to provide a timely response for URL it was in need to complete the request. Some deployed proxies return HTTP 400 Error or HTTP 500...

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