HTTP Status Codes

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By Error Admin in 2xx Success Error Code, HTTP Status Codes

The HTTP 200 OK is the most common return for successful HTTP requests. Simply the request has been received, understood and is being processed successfully. Actually, the response varies based on the request method used. The various request methods of 200 OK and its meaning are summarized below. GET: The target resource has been fetched and is transmitted in the...

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HTTP 100 Continue

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HTTP 100 Continue: The 100 Continue Error means that the server receives the request headers which has not yet been rejected by the server. So the server sends one final response to the user once the request has been fully received. The user can continue sending requests containing an Expect header field that includes a 100-continue expectation. Because the server...

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HTTP 401 Unauthorized

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HTTP 401 Error Code: The 401 Unauthorized Error means that the request sent by the client needs more authorization even if the HTTP data stream sent by the client is valid. So if the authorization has not yet been provided or if the authorization tests being failed the server generates the HTTP 401 Unauthorized. Which is commonly called as “HTTP Basic...

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